Whether you're looking for a gift, or something unique for your home...
Funky Rock Creations Lamp - JK Holly - Pittston, PA
Men's Gifts - JK Holly - Pittston PA
Manly gifts for the manly man..

We all know that guy that seems to have everything, and buying a gift for him is always impossible because it’s likely he has whatever you’re going to buy for him. Well, rest assured that’s not the case at JK Holly, since everything we carry has been hand selected from market to ensure that your options are unique and as exclusive as possible.

For that favorite time of year..

No matter what season or holiday is your favorite, JK Holly has something for every time of year. Come see our hand-picked seasonal selections of gifts and home decor that we found at market and are so very happy to bring home to you for your shopping convenience right here in Pittston.

Home Accent Pillows - JK Holly - Pittston PA
Find that perfect accent piece..

Accent pieces are all about you and what you love inside your home.When we’re at market and we see accent pieces for all kinds of styles, we can’t help but get excited to think about how these items are going to make someone very happy; even if for just a little while, it’s a pretty good feeling to know that we can give that to our customers. Come find your special item..


Stop in to visit the Main Street Tea Emporium here at JK Holly. Enjoy a cup, or a few, of our fine selection teas from around the world. It’s good to take a few minutes each day to find a moment of peace.

Imagine a moment when you can simply stop and appreciate a few minutes of peace, where you can relax and escape the stress of your hectic day. The Main Street Tea Emporium at JK Holly is exactly where you can make this happen. Choose from a wide variety of teas originating from various regions around the world. Our teas offer an array of flavor profiles that are sure to provide you with a “feel good” experience from your first sip, to the last. Enjoy the view of downtown as you comfortably sit next to the large floor-to-ceiling windows facing Main Street. The Main Street Tea Emporium at JK Holly boasts comfortable lounge style seating as well as a few counter height tables and stools perfect for small groups of 4 at each table.

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