Main Street Tea Emporium @JK Holly

April Tea of the Month:

Organic Black and Blue Tea

An aromatic blend of organic blueberry and blackberry flavored black teas. One sip will have you envisioning afternoons spent berry picking!

Daily Teas:

Oriental Spice


Decaf Earl Grey

Victorian Afternoon

Fruit & Spice

Peppermint Leaf Herbal

Gunpowder Green

English Breakfast

Organic Teas:


Black & Blue

Cherry Jerry

Earl Grey

John Lemon

Nite Cap

Vanilla Chai

Experience tea like never before with our unique blooming teas by Teaposy..


The History of Tea..

The world’s most widely consumed beverage, all tea comes from the tropical plant known as Camellia Senensis. The tea plant grows best in a warm climate with long sunlit days, cool nights and an abundance of rainfall. Tea plants grow at altitudes ranging from sea level to 7,000 feet and on latitudes as far north as Turkey and as far south as Argentina. The best tea grows at higher altitudes and many bushes can be cultivated for over 100 years. Tea bushes cover about six million acres of the earth and are harvested every week during the almost year-long growing season. The following information provides further information on the colorful history of this fascinating drink. To read more about the origins and history of tea, click on the button below..

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